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The key to keeping your truck running well is proper maintenance. One of the essentials for ensuring the longevity of your truck is regular oil changes and fluid checks. Proper lubrication is crucial for your engine to run correctly and to promote its longevity.

How long you can go between oil changes is dependent on a variety of factors. Most vehicle manufacturers recommend that you change the engine's oil and oil filter every 5,000-10,000 miles, but this can vary depending on how you use your truck and the type of oil you use. For example, road conditions such as hills and mountains, stop-and-go traffic, or consistently carrying a heavy load can all cause your engine to work harder and require more frequent oil changes.

In addition to changing your oil according to the manufacturer's recommendations, you should check other vital fluid levels at the same time. For example, along with an oil change, transmission fluid, brake fluid, coolant levels, windshield washer fluid, and even tire pressure should all be checked to ensure your vehicle keeps running strong. 

What can cause oil leaks in diesel engines?

Most oil leaks are a result of the deterioration of a part of your engine. The most common cause of oil leaks is the oil gasket. Sludge starts to build up if the engine gets damaged or as it starts to degrade over time. This sludge causes the oil gasket to break down and then oil starts to leak.

Another common part that can cause oil leaks is the oil pan. Since the oil pan is on the underside of your truck it is common for it to get hit with rocks, branches and other debris on the road. All of these can leave small dents in the pan which can easily turn into holes where the engine oil can leak from.

If the oil filler cap is not secured properly or missing entirely, parts of your engine can become covered in oil resulting in oil leaks. The oil filter itself can also be the cause of oil leaks due to the filer wearing out, becoming misaligned or coming loose.

Our certified technicians at The Diesel Shop can help to diagnose exactly where the oil leak is coming from and devise an affordable and effective solution to have your diesel engine in smooth operating condition once more.

Common signs of a diesel engine oil leak

  • Experiencing oil stain, drips or puddles underneath your vehicle when it’s parked.
  • Seeing the oil levels in your dipstick gradually decrease over time.
  • Seeing blue smoke coming from your diesel engine while driving.
  • Smelling burning oil coming from your vehicle.
  • The oil level symbol lights up on the dash of your truck.

Our team can keep your truck running smoothly 

As a full-service heavy-duty repair shop, The Diesel Shop offers full-service oil and fluid maintenance. We have experienced and certified mechanics who work with the most up-to-date machinery and equipment to perform planned maintenance or unexpected repairs. When you come to us, expect our team to discuss which services your truck needs to keep you involved in the maintenance of your vehicle.

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