Truck Brake Repair Services in Rush City, MN

Every trucker knows that brakes are a key truck component that should never be neglected.  Your brake system involves many different components, and each one has to function correctly to keep you and others safe. Worn brakes can make it difficult to slow, turn, stop and control your vehicle.

Stopping should be guaranteed, and at The Diesel Shop, our technicians are here to make sure you can always rely on your vehicle’s brakes.   Even the most reliable braking system can fail. The weight of semi-truck trailers places a lot of strain on brake components and can cause issues over time. For your safety, and for the safety of everyone around you on the road, make sure to get your brakes serviced and maintained regularly.

How do you know when your brakes need service?

Air brake pads generally need replacing every 50,000 miles. But how much your tires wear varies based on your use of the vehicle, the weight of your cargo, road conditions and exposure to the elements. While regular inspections and service can eliminate the most serious brake issues, there are some signs that you may have a brake problem. If you have trouble stopping or notice any of the following, have your brake system serviced immediately.

Soft Brakes

If you notice that your brake pedal goes down further than normal this could indicate a leak or a seal failure which has resulted in the loss of brake fluid.  Typically the braking system will still work, it’s just that the pedal feels almost “mushy”. A technician can check your brake fluid levels.  If no leak is identified it may indicate deterioration of your master cylinder.

Noise when braking

If you notice scraping, grinding, whistling or squeaking sounds while braking is a sign your pads are likely worn to the point where the calipers are grinding against your rotors. This requires immediate service. Not doing so can result in damage to your rotors and end up costing you much more in repairs.

Your truck pulls to the left or right

If you’re noticing pulling while driving, this might indicate issues with your calipers or air brake hose. It can also indicate issues with the alignment of your tires, but regardless, you should have your truck serviced as soon as possible.

Count on us for complete brake service

As a full-service heavy-duty repair shop, The Diesel Shop offers extensive heavy-duty truck brake repair and maintenance services. We have experienced and certified mechanics who work with the most up-to-date machinery and equipment to perform planned maintenance or unexpected repairs. When you come to us, expect our team to discuss which services your truck needs to keep you involved in the maintenance of your vehicle.

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