Truck Diagnostics & Electrical Repair Services in Rush City, MN

Today's diesel engines are more complex than ever, and while they are exceptionally reliable, they do need regular maintenance and service to ensure peak performance. When your truck develops an issue, you need it diagnosed, serviced and repaired quickly so you can get back on the road.

The diagnosis and repair of electrical problems is possibly the most time-consuming and difficult vehicle diagnosis there is. With advancements in heavy-duty truck’s electrical systems, and connections buried deep under the seats, carpet, dash, and body panels of your truck, electrical problems require a great deal of knowledge, experience, and patience to locate and repair. Our tech-savvy and experienced technicians are able to use computer diagnostic systems to locate and target the exact cause of engine or vehicle failure with spot-on accuracy. Not only do you get quick diagnostics, but our computer system also saves you money that you may have otherwise spent on unnecessary assessments and repairs. During your inspection, one of our highly skilled mechanics will perform a computerized scan to identify any problems within minutes. We understand the importance of getting problems fixed quickly, correctly and affordably. 

We diagnose and service all makes and models of diesel trucks and work closely with manufacturers to overcome challenges and develop comprehensive solutions that address our customer's needs. Our team of certified technicians employs a wide range of diagnostic software and has priority access to industry-wide information for every make and model vehicle. Our diesel diagnostic capabilities place us in a class of our own.

Indicators of electrical issues

The number one indicator of an electrical issue will be a light (or array of lights) on your dashboard.  Beyond that, there are some other signs you may notice which could be your truck telling you there’s an electrical problem:

  • Damaged, bloated, or failed battery
  • Inability to start your engine
  • The smell of burnt plastic
  • Faulty or discolored wiring
  • Dull headlights or brake lights

Your diagnostics & electrical experts

As a full-service heavy-duty repair shop, The Diesel Shop offers extensive heavy-duty truck diagnostics and electrical services. We have experienced and certified mechanics who work with the most up-to-date machinery and equipment to perform planned maintenance or unexpected repairs. When you come to us, expect our team to discuss which services your truck needs to keep you involved in the maintenance of your vehicle.

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