Diesel Truck Repair Services in Rush City, Minnesota

Visit The Diesel Shop in Rush City, MN and see for yourself the difference top-rated diesel mechanics can make for your diesel repair needs. Combining experience with expertise, our truck mechanics specialize in heavy-duty diesel truck repair & maintenance services, from DOT inspections to preventive maintenance, diesel engine repair to electrical. So get in touch with The Diesel Shop today, our service advisors are standing by to get your truck the repair it deservces!

Axle Repair

Clocking many miles, dealing with potholes and poor road conditions, covering uneven surfaces and hauling heavy loads can all place strain on your truck’s axle. To be sure that your truck is operating as efficiently as possible your axle should be monitored for misalignment and straightened from time to time. At The Diesel Shop, you can rely on our certified technicians to maintain your truck’s axle so that you can enjoy a smoother ride and your vehicle will have a longer lifespan.

Brake Repair

At The Diesel Shop, our technicians are here to make sure you can always rely on your vehicle’s brakes. Even the most reliable braking system can fail. The weight of semi-truck trailers places a lot of strain on brake components and can cause issues over time. For your safety, and for the safety of everyone around you on the road, make sure to get your brakes serviced and maintained regularly.

Coolant System Repair

At The Diesel Shop, we advise customers on industry best practices to maintain their coolant systems and prolong the life of their heavy-duty vehicles. As a full-service heavy-duty repair shop in Rush City, Minnesota, we offer extensive heavy-duty truck coolant system repair and maintenance services.

DOT Inspection

DOT inspections are conducted by the US Department of Transportation and can cover vehicle, load, driver and documentation assessments. They are performed on all commercial vehicles that weigh over 10,000 pounds. At The Diesel Shop, we assist by making sure your vehicle is in good operating condition and is safe to be on the road.

Diagnostics & Electrical Repair

We specialize in finding solutions for complex, hard-to-diagnose problems. Your vehicle has several systems to alert you to issues, but there are a few warning signs that you should look for, and if found, address immediately.

Driveline Repair

Your heavy-duty truck’s driveline is an essential component in the control and moderation of the function of your vehicle. The driveline connects the transmission to the axles and propels your vehicle forwards and backwards, pretty essential we’d say. At The Diesel Shop, we can handle all of your driveline maintenance and repairs requirements and get you back on the road, moving in the right direction.


Your truck’s EGR and DPF systems are essential components for proper engine emission control. Regular maintenance is important to assure correct engine function and proper emission compliance. Although they do reduce emissions, these systems often put a strain on your engine and, especially if not maintained, can reduce the lifespan of your diesel truck. Let us keep your EGR & DPF systems in top shape.

Engine Repair & Overhaul

When your diesel engine starts knocking or pinging, running rough, or not firing, you can trust our sophisticated diagnostic software and skilled technicians to find the cause of your problem and repair it promptly and efficiently.

Exhaust Repair & Aftertreatment

While a good truck exhaust service yields aesthetic values like quiet engine sounds, it also impacts the environment, health, and safety of people around you. A good truck exhaust service includes a proper maintenance schedule and regular inspection of the exhaust system. Our professional experts are available for consultations and information at any time.

HVAC System Repair

Are you noticing that your truck’s struggling to manage heating, cooling or ventilation? Whatever the weather, we’ve got you covered. Our technicians make sure your heating, cooling, and ventilation are in top shape so that you can stay on the road in rain, sleet, snow, or heat.

Oil & Fluid

The key to keeping your truck running well is proper maintenance. One of the essentials for ensuring the longevity of your truck is regular oil changes and fluid checks. Proper lubrication is crucial for your engine to run correctly and to promote its longevity. Our team can keep your truck running smoothly with full-service oil and fluid maintenance.

Performance Tuning

At The Diesel Shop we work with you to determine the best performance options and upgrades for your specific vehicle. If you want to unleash the full driving potential of your vehicle, reach out to our experienced team to bring your truck to its top performance.

Preventive Maintenance

Our preventive maintenance service insurance that your vehicle is inspected, repaired, and maintained to ensure that problems are presented before issues occur.

Suspension Repair

Since the wear of suspension system components is gradual, it can be challenging to notice the signs of an issue until the damage is done. Scheduling an inspection of your suspension system with our experienced technicians today.

Transmission & Clutch Repair

Clutch and transmission life can vary due to several factors, including driving conditions, and how much weight you haul. Changes in clutch pedal pressure, unusual noises when you depress the clutch, difficulty shifting, temporary loss of acceleration, or slipping are symptoms of a clutch or transmission problem that needs immediate attention. Our experienced professionals are here to help correctly diagnose and repair transmission issues.

Truck Wheel Alignment

We specialize in truck wheel alignment for larger vehicles. You can trust our certified mechanics to perform quick and reliable truck wheel alignment services. This will result in even wear of your truck tires, increased drivability, less wear of front-end suspension, safer vehicle operation, reduced operational costs, and better fuel economy.

Fleet Contract & Municipal Vehicles Available

Please contact The Diesel Shop for Fleet contract and municipal vehicles availablity.

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