Top 3 Signs Your Pickup Truck Has Transmission Problems

Top 3 Signs Your Pickup Truck Has Transmission Problems

It may seem complicated to diagnose pickup truck transmission issues on your own but there are some common signs that can help alert you to problems. We’ve compiled the top 3 signs that your pickup truck has transmission problems. If you notice any of these issues it’s important that you get your truck booked in at a diesel repair shop as soon as possible. Addressing these early signs can help you prevent full transmission breakdowns and extremely costly repairs. 

1. Refuses to Change Gears

Despite what may seem to some as a more straightforward operation, manual transmissions have their problems. One common issue is that the gearbox refuses to move when you compress the clutch pedal and try to move the shifter. This can happen at any time when shifting through gears. Low transmission fluid, the improper viscosity (thickness) of fluid, or the need to change the shift cables or clutch linkage are all common reasons. If you start to notice resistance or slipping when shifting gears it’s advisable to get your truck serviced as soon as possible. 

2. Burning smell 

If you catch a whiff of burning transmission fluid, know that it isn't the pleasant aroma of victory, and it might be a sign that your transmission is overheating. Transmission fluid keeps the transmission's numerous moving components lubricated and provides much-needed cooling, preventing the device from overheating.

In particular trucks, the gearbox has its tiny radiator (oil cooler) that circulates fluid to remove heat from the transmission unit. Low or insufficient transmission fluid is a common problem, which might suggest a leak or unclean fluid that needs to be changed. If you assumed your transmission was secure from wear when in neutral, you could be surprised by the reality.

3. Noisy transmission 

If you hear strange sounds while the truck should be shifting, the gearbox is malfunctioning. 

Such noises may have an easy and affordable fix – like with many of the issues on our list, adding or changing transmission fluid may occasionally solve the problem. Remember that, much like engine oil, various trucks benefit from the exact composition recommended in the owner's handbook.

Alternatively, if you hear sounds from the transmission when your truck is in neutral, it might indicate something more severe, such as mechanical wear that necessitates component replacement. A worn reverse idler gear or worn bearings, potentially in combination with worn gear teeth, are frequent causes in this instance.

Final words

If your truck has any of these transmission problems, you will need to seek the assistance of a transmission repair specialist. Then you will be able to fix the issue and overcome the challenges you face on the road. 

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